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"At the age of 12, she was racing at Freestone County Raceway as practice for the Womans Cup which was the following week. However, during practice that morning, she fell on the back face of the finish line jump and another rider landed on her which resulted in a broken neck, leaving her right arm paralyzed. Three months after her motocross accident, her father and her got hit by a drunk driver which made her condition worse than it was. After being off the bike for about 7 years, all Kiana thought about was riding again, so some of Kiana's friends helped her modify a pit bike that she could ride by moving the throttle on the left side which twisted it forwards. She then moved up to a CRF150R which she still rides today. After a year of being on the bike, she's already made history by being the first female adaptive rider to qualify for the Area Qualifiers for the Loretta Lynn National. As she progresses, her plans are to qualify for Loretta Lynn's, be the first woman to race the Adaptive Championship series as well as the Extremity Games and Race of Heroes. She will also be competing in other Area Qualifiers, as well as some local races. She continues to train, work hard, and progress to make her dreams a reality no matter what."