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AFTERMATH_A2The Aftermath is presented by Shoei Premium Helmets.
Photos by Daryl Ecklund Spencer Owens

2018 Dean Wilson Anaheim 2Dean Wilson had a crash in qualifying that tweaked his bad shoulder that he hurt back at the opening round. He got back up and toughed the rest of the night out. 

2018 Mitchell Harrison Anaheim 2Mitchell Harrison hit the ground hard in qualifying. He ended up remounting, but didn’t look the same all night.

JUSTIN HEOFTThe night show would be completely different from what the fans were used to. Before the night show kicked off, they had LCQ’s for the 250 and 450 classes and were only taking 4 riders from each class to transfer to the main. Justin Hoeft won the 250 class. Even after a rough get off in practice!

Chad ReedThe 450 LCQ brought out some big names. Only the top four would make it to the night show to race the three main events. Luckily, fan favorite Chad Reed won the 450 LCQ making the cut. The rider on the far left (Matt Bisceglia) got 5th and was unable to participate in the night program. .

After the qualifiers were all said and done, it was time to kick off the night program at 7 pm.

Monster girl Ashley Wilke was equipped with a flame thrower for opening ceremonies. 

KEN ROCZEN Ken Roczen entered Angels stadium during opening ceremonies in the very same gear that he crashed and broke his arm in last year. Déjà Vu. 

JUSTIN BARCIAJustin Barcia often starts his opening ceremony run with a wheelie.

Christian CraigThe nights format was different from any other. With there being three main events for both the 250 and 450 class. It was interesting to see the heavy hitters on every gate drop. Featured above is Christian Craig as he sits in staging. 

Monster GirlAfter awhile, it was time to raise the coveted “30 second board”.

a2 raceAnd the stars of the 250 class were off for the first main event with Joey Savatgy getting the to first corner in front. 

Joey SavatgyJoey Savatgy lead from start to finish in the first main event.

Christian CraigChristian Craig held down 2nd.

Mitchell OldenbergAnd Mitchell Oldenberg took 3rd.

Chad Reed Chad Reed talks things over with crew chief and wife, Ellie Reed before starting his first main.

MechanicThe mechanics make sure their riders gates are fully prepped and ready to go. 

Dean WilsonIt was great to see Dean Wilson return to racing.

CrashRight off the bat, this mass chaos took place after turn two in the first 450 main.

Broc TickleBroc Tickle was one of the riders to get caught up in the pile up. He got mounted a lap down from the leaders.

Peick - BaggettThis battle came down to the wire for 3rd. In the end, Blake Baggett would steal the position from Weston Peick.

Justin BraytonJustin Brayton crossed the line in 2nd.

Cole SeelyCole Seely rode flawlessly from start to finish to win the first 450 main as he checked out.

Seth DennisLike most Supercross live races, the KTM Juniors take the stage about halfway through the night. In Anheim 2, multi-time Loretta Lynn winner, Seth Dennis won the KTM Junior Supercross challenge.

KTM Juniors Unfortunately for some of the young rider it was a tough night.

Wil HahnAssistant team manager for Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha Wil Hahn checking on his athletes before the second 250 main event.

Adam CianciruloRight off the gate, it seemed that Adam Ciancirulo was trying some type of new starting technique?

Shane McelrathUnlike the first 250 main event, Shane McElrath jumped straight to the early lead and grabbed the win. Followed behind him was Joey Savatgy (2nd) and Christian Craig (3rd).

Aaron PlessingerCurrent points leader Aaron Plessinger crossed the line in 4th.

Dax ShepredCelebrity actor and avid Supercross fan, Dax Shepard stopped was in attendance.

JGJosh Grant’s mechanic, Travis Parry waits under the stadium to line up for the second 450 main.

450 StartThe start of the second 450 main event. Eli Tomac grabbed the holeshot.

Eli TomacEli Tomac stated the night out with a rough first 450 main placing 5th. Tomac made a solid rebound and grabbed the win in main 2. But, Cole Seely did not let him run away with it as he held down the 2nd position.

Shawn BellJustin Barcia’s mechanic Shawn Bell giving him his lap times as he sat in 10th on the second lap.

Jason AndersonJason “El Hombre” Anderson snagged 3rd.

Pretzel ChickFor a sold out crowd, giant pretzel’s were the snack of choice. 

Adam CianciaruloAdam Cianciarulo waits behind the gate for the final 250 main of the night.

Aaron PlessingerAaron Plessinger and STAR Racing mechanic Nathan Pierson.

250 GateThe boys were ready to get for the start of the third main event.

Chase SextonRight off the bat, Chase Sexton lead the pack, and head the lead with three laps to go. Joey Savatgy and Adam Cianciarulo got passed Chase pumping him to third. Chase managed an 8th overall in the “Triple Crown”.

Aaron PlessingerPoints leader, Aaron Plessinger struggled in Anaheim 2. He finished 6th overall and lost the coveted red plate to Joey Savatgy and Shane Mcelrath who are now tied with 68 points.

MechanicsThe mechanics were going wild as their riders were trying to advance positions.

Finish A2It was a close one to say the least. But Joey Savatgy was the overall winner on the night with a 1-2-1.

Adam CianciaruloFeatured is a frustrated Adam Cianciarulo. It was a long day for AC, especially after his big crash in practice.

250 Podium250 overall podium: Joey Savatgy (1st), Shane McElrath (2nd) and Christian Craig (3rd) – Check out the 250 Anaheim 2 Supercross results.

450 StartThe start of the final 450 Supercross main event. 

450 Main startOff the gate it was Eli Tomac with the early lead.

Jason AndersonBut Jason Anderson had other plans. He made this questionable move on Eli for lead.

Marvin MusquinReturning from his crash in Houston, Marvin Musquin came through and placed 13th overall, even after pulling off the track during the last 4 laps.

Cooper WebbAnother rider aboard the struggle bus was Cooper Webb. He placed 11th in the final main, and a 10th in the “Tripple Crown”. Cooper braked checked his teammate Justin Barcia in the last main to set Justin off. The Factory Yamaha pits were a sight to see.

Jason AndersonAfter Jason Anderson made the pass on Eli on the fifth lap Jason lead the rest of the race to go on to win the third and final main. Although Jason 7-3-1 was only good enough for 3rd for the night.  

2018 Aftermath Anaheim 2 Cole SeelyCole Seely would finish a frustrating 5th in the third main, but finished 2nd on the overall podium.

450 A2 Podium450 overall results: Eli Tomac (1st), Cole Seely (2nd) and Jason Anderson (3rd). 


  1. Eli Tomac–5-1-2
  2. Cole Seely–1-2-7
  3. Jason Anderson–7-3-1
  4. Justin Brayton–2-6-3
  5. Weston Peick–4-9-5
  6. Josh Grant–6-4-8
  7. Blake Baggett–3-10-6
  8. Justin Barcia–8-5-9
  9. Ken Roczen–11-12-4
  10. Cooper Webb–10-7-11
  11. Malcolm Stewart–16-8-14
  12. Jeremy Martin–15-15-10
  13. Marvin Musuin–9-11-21
  14. Chad Reed–12-17-16
  15. Tyler Bowers–13-16-17
  16. Broc Tickle–22-13-12
  17. Vince Friese–18-19-13
  18. Dean Wilson–14-14-22
  19. Kyle Cunningham–17-20-15
  20. Alex Ray–19-18-18
  21. Dakota Tedder–20-21-19
  22. Ben Lamay–21-22-20


  1. Jason Anderson–70
  2. Cole Seely–59
  3. Justin Barcia–57
  4. Ken Roczen–56
  5. Weston Peick–54
  6. Justin Brayton–52
  7. Josh Grant–45
  8. Blake Baggett–43
  9. Broc Tickle–37
  10. Cooper Webb–37
  11. Marvin Musquin–36
  12. Jeremy Martin–36
  13. Eli Tomac–27
  14. Vince Friese–26
  15. Malcolm Stewart–24
  16. Chad Reed–24
  17. Kyle Cunningham–20
  18. Tyler Bowers–17
  19. Ben Lamay–15
  20. Alex Ray–14


  1. Joey Savatgy–1-2-1
  2. Shane Mcelrath–5-1-4
  3. Christian Craig–2-3-5
  4. Adam Cianciarulo–4-5-2
  5. Mitchell Oldenburg–3-6-6
  6. Aaron Plessinger–6-4-7
  7. Hayden Mellross–7-10-8
  8. Chase Sexton–15-8-3
  9. Phil Nicoletti–8-7-11
  10. Justin Hill–11-9-9
  11. Kyle Chisholm–9-11-10
  12. Cole Martinez–10-14-13
  13. Mitchell Harrison–18-12-12
  14. Ryan Breece–12-17-16
  15. Jean Romos–16-16-14
  16. Bradley Taft–13-13-20
  17. Justin Starling–17-15-15
  18. Killian Auberson–19-20-17
  19. Chase Marquier–20-18-18
  20. Dakota Alix–14-21-21
  21. Brandan Leith–21-19-19
  22. Justin Hoeft–22-22-22


  1. Shane Mcelrath–68
  2. Joey Savatgy–68
  3. Aaron Plessinger–66
  4. Christian Craig–57
  5. Adam CInaciarulo–54
  6. Mitchell Oldenburg–52
  7. Chase Sexton–51
  8. Justin Hill–42
  9. Kyle Chisholm–39
  10. Hayden Mellross–34

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