Photo Report | Rockstar Triple Crown Tour | Calgary AX Round 3

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Photo Report | Rockstar Triple Crown Tour | Calgary AX Round 3

By Billy Rainford

The double-header weekend in Calgary, Alberta, wrapped up Saturday night as the Rockstar Triple Crown came to the city just east of the Rocky Mountains for rounds 2 and 3.

After a rough start out in Abbotsford, BC where the track was a muddy mess, riders and fans were treated to a traditional Arenacross track with great racing from top to bottom.

Pro rider entries were a little low and so heat races were used simply to determine gate pick for the mains — there were no LCQ’s.

Let’s take a look at the racing action from Saturday at the Agrium Western Event Centre in Stampede Park.

Brett Lee going live for some behind the scenes stuff.

Mark Booker was there with his Holeshot Motosports Amateur Team.

Dylan Wright was looking forward to a better weekend, but early in the day he hit a tuff block on the face of the triple before the mechanics’ area and went down hard on his shoulder.

Ryan Lockhart was in for a long day as he raced both classes.

Brad Nauditt was down in Montana and decided to head north to Canada to race both classes, too.

Jared Petruska finished some overtime at work and came out to race the 250 class.

In other Jared news, Jared Stock crashed hard in the whoops Friday night and decided it was best not to line up Saturday.

#75 Josh Hill got his race suspension fro Saturday night and you could tell he was liking it. He skimmed the whoops faster than anyone had all day…

Unfortunately, on the very next lap, after we’d all seen the speed the lap before, he crashed hard.

He bent the rear of the bike up pretty badly, including the ultra-trick PC exhaust they’d specially made for him, and he would miss qualifying. In the end, they decided to sit out the night program.

Chris Buckrell actually managed to get the bike ready, but it wasn’t to be for Josh.

It’s always cool when Mike Brown makes an appearance.

He’s actually 46! If you’re not already there, just wait and this will sink in…

Saturday’s Pit Party was a success.

All the Pro riders came out and signed autographs.

They also run a pretty cool opening ceremonies. Just one thing: people don’t “reside from…” Sure, they can “come from” or “reside in,” but not reside from. #grammarpolice

These red plates are going to be difficult to wrestle away from Cole Thompson.


Brad Nauditt came out and won 250 Heat 1.

Wyatt Waddell held off Ryan Lockhart for a few laps until Ryan finally had to get a little old school with him for the position.

Tanner Ward got out front in Heat 2 but Shawn Maffenbeier is showing why he’s the defending MX2 champ and took over early.

Tanner and Marco Cannella had a great battle for 2nd, and Daryl Murphy kept a close eye to make sure the was no funny business.

Maff took the win.

Dylan’s left shoulder is pretty jacked. He rolled around in the heat to make sure he could be in the main to score a few points.

There were a few amateur mains between the 250 and 450 heats.

Matt Goerke got out front early in 450 Heat 1.

There was a great battle between Brown and Tyler Medaglia behind him.

Tyler would go down but hold on to his 3rd position.

#7 Dillan Epstein shows how you chop off the two title contenders.

#10 Keylan Meston came from outside and beat them all to the first turn. Keylan would go down and fall back.

Nice battle between Lockhart and Nauditt, the two double-classers.

Facciotti returned the favour and punted Epstein off the track. He almost collected a flagger and Daryl.

Cole took the Heat #2 win.

With Colton chasing in 2nd.

#1 Shelby Turner came out and schooled the Women’s class before the Clash for Cash hit the track.

There was some great racing in the Clash. Points go 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 in the Clash, so it’s important.

Cole smoothly took the Clash win.

The Marin intermission bike race.


#101 Ryan Lockhart gets out front with #3 Maffenbeier and 620 Nauditt in the 250 main.

Waddell’s main started out on the ground leaving him to play catch up.

Maffenbeier got out front and never really looked back.

Petruska into the whoops. He would end up 6th.

Tanner Ward went down by the mechanics’ area and had to push his way forward. He was 5th at the flag. Here he is moving #477 Joey Parkes over.

Waddell in for repairs.

Dylan rode a lap and then waited for the checkered flag to earn a few valuable points. He hopes to be fixed and back for Sarnia next month.

Maff churning up the dirt, uncontested out front.

Cannella had a good battle with Nauditt.

Maff takes another win and will have red plates next time you see him.

Wright rolls across the line. We’ll have to look back in August to see how important this 11th ends up being.

Cannella 3rd.

Nauditt 2nd.

250 Podium: Shawn Maffenbeier, Brad Nauditt, Marco Cannella.

250 Results:

1. 3 Shawn Maffenbeier KAW

2. 620 Brad Nauditt HSK

3. 66 Marco Cannella YAM

4. 101 Ryan Lockhart KAW

5. 27 Tanner Ward KTM

6. 43 Jared Petruska HON

7. 477 Joey Parkes YAM

8. 517 Spencer Wilton KTM

9. 202 Blake Osatchuk HSK

10. 157 Wyatt Waddell HSK

11. 12 Dylan Wright HON

The 450 main started out with #20 Davey Fraser bouncing off Epstein and then Brown and going down in turn 1.

Brown’s bike was on top of Davey.

They got his bike of him and Davey was making a hand gesture that had Daryl wondering exactly what he was trying to say. The race was red flagged and Davey walked off with a good bump to his head.

Here’s turn 1 of the restart. #5 Tyler Medaglia went in hot and it just outside the frame on the right.

Tyler would fall after the finish line double and have to fight from the back.

#7 Epstein was up in 2nd behind Brown early but stalled his bike in this turn causing a bit of a log jam.

Thompson got into 2nd and set off after Brown out front.

Epstein got going again but was well back on lap 3.

Matt figures he must have bent something in that jam up because he kept thinking something was wrong up front.

Meston was up in 3rd early but found his way back to 7th in the end.

Nauditt and Epstein fight for position. Brad would end up 8th while Dillan would work his way up to 6th.

Brock Leitner had this awkward fall and would end up back in 9th.

Lockhart admitted he was very sore and tired from all the racing. He managed to hang on for 10th.

Medaglia rode great lap times as he worked his way up on the rear whell of Facciotti as they squabbled over 4th place.

Mike Brown said he surprised himself by getting out front and pumped up a bit from not breathing. He didn’t want to affect the series and got out of the way pf the lead riders.

Tyler didn’t have time to wait for Mike’s manners to show and forced the issue.

Cole Thompson took another solid win. He was the class of the field Saturday.

Matt messed up heading into the mechanics’ area and blew over the berm allowing Colton to come in and take the position from him for 2nd.

It was a very solid race for Colton to get 2nd after getting caught in that early log jam.

Cole gets a kiss from Chloe for the win.

The red plates are stuck pretty strongly to Cole’s bike now.

Matt’s never happy getting passed in the last corner. He said he’s feeling better every time he gets on the bike after breaking his arm just 5 weeks ago. He should be ready to battle for wins once we get to Ontario in April.

450 Podium: #16 Cole Thompson, #45 Colton Facciotti, #2 Matt Goerke.

450 Results:

1. 16 Cole Thompson KTM

2. 45 Colton Facciotti HON

3. 2 Matt Goerke YAM

4. 5 Tyler Medaglia KAW

5. 68 Mike Brown HSK

6. 7 Dillan Epstein YAM

7. 10 Keylan Meston HSK

8. 620 Brad Nauditt HSK

9. 22 Brock Leitner KAW

10. 101 Ryan Lockhart KAW

11. 733 James Armstrong HON

Next Round: April 13/14, Sarnia, Ontario.