Photo Report | Walton Raceway Open House

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Photo Report | Walton Raceway Open House

By Billy Rainford

I made the familiar drive north from London to the small town of Walton, ON that is very much looking forward to hosting the biggest race on the Canadian Motocross calendar again this August.

After a year off the schedule, the Walton TransCan Amateur Motocross GNC is back, and the industry is happy to see it. Kids from across Canada and into the USA look forward to meeting at Walton Raceway to test themselves against the rest of the best to see where they stack up. This is our one chance to see them all on the same track at the same time, and that makes this the best amateur event on our schedule.

Brett Lee invited us up to check out their Open House event Wednesday afternoon to see everything the ever-growing-and-expanding facility has to offer. With almost countless activities to test and entertain everyone from kids to adults, there really is something for everyone at the track.

Here are a few photos from a great afternoon that went from rainy to sunny in the matter of a few minutes that saw local government officials taking it all in with us. The TransCan is a big event and this is an important facility for the area.

I was met by an intimate but locally very influential crowd at the Challenge Course right next to the big barn.

The reverse view towards the barn as a couple kids enjoy the tire swings.

Jim Ginn is the Warden for Huron County and said a few words at the opening.

Brett stepped aside and struck a Captain’s pose while Jim addressed the crowd.

Brett explaining everything the site has to offer. (Yes, there are more people outside of this shot.)

Jan Hawley is the Economic Developer for Huron East and knows just how much the annual event, and the facility itself, means for the area.

The wakeboard park over in Bayfield was also there on display.

The climbing tower loomed over the proceedings, waiting for a challenger or two…or three.

Maelstrom Winery was onsite letting us all sample their grapey goodness…and keeping our thimbles full during our ‘Tailgating’ video.

Young Harper Lee was all harnessed up and ready for her assault on the rope climbing wall.

Brett took some time to point out his Walton Raceway team.

There they are.

Brian McGavin is head of their International Plowing Match and took the time to work on his stand-up material. “The town of Walton can’t grow in numbers because every time a child is born a man leaves town!” Oldies but goodies…

Business plug.

There are tons of pieces of equipment that will test your courage and trust.

Like this obstacle course.

Brett describes his Pro Motocross career…

Mel explains all the creatures and critters they have in the three ponds behind her.

They did a really cool dog retrieval display with a couple 2-year-old labs. I shot some video.

Critter watch. They have hundreds of turtles and frogs, to name two.

Brett said Harper was collecting frogs but all I saw in there were dandelion weeds.

The axe throwing display. Jim Ginn (not pictured) tried it for the first time and got it right in the heart!

It turns out Chris Lee had the same leg surgery as me and some guy named Steve Yzerman.

Barry Hetherington and I had a laugh trying to get around the muddy track on a couple different vehicles. We could have used more. Video later…

Everyone who didn’t try it said it looked easy.

They actually get 4 people to the top at once and the trick is to all lean off the 2X2 platform and show trust in the people holding the ropes at the bottom.

Thanks for a fun afternoon. I bet the people who left early didn’t know about the hotdogs!

Hamming it up after making it safely back to the ground. See you at the races…