Travis pastrana

Sorry for radio silence after the horrific overjump yesterday

Date Added: 26/05/2018 17:02 by Travis pastrana
Sorry for radio silence after the horrific overjump yesterday. Smagical Wilbur Wear had surgery last night. He’s got a lot of broken bones and a very long road to recovery but he’s alive. We did multiple test jumps to make sure when we let the public in to watch, Phil had the best chance of success. I am still at a loss for how it went so unimaginably wrong. Watching that jump didn’t feel real. It was like worst case scenario multiplied by 10. Thanks to Brimstone Recreation and the Nitro Circus crew for having the life flight helicopter already there on standby even though we were wrongly certain that it would never be needed. Thanks to Hubert aka Everyones favorite RedNek Steve St Arnold and Nate Wessel for making multiple ramp changes and working with us to make this as safe as possible. “Funny Phil from room 3” as the nurse so lovingly refered to you when we got to the hospital.. You earned yourself an orange hat buddy. #yousentit #smagicalstrong