Photo Report | Rockstar Triple Crown | Popkum – Round 2

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Photo Report | Rockstar Triple Crown | Popkum – Round 2

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Round 2 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour took place at the Popkum Motor Park just outside Chilliwack, BC this past Saturday. Ever since this track was built, they’ve had the dream of hosting one of the biggest motocross events in Canada, and it finally happened.

The track may not be as sprawling as some layouts, but the Popkum crew worked hard and gave us and the riders a nice track and facility for this round.

The track sits about 1.5 hours outside the metropolis of Vancouver, but I’m not sure those were the fans they were hoping to attract. With Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Maple Ridge, Chilliwack, and Hope sitting less than and hour away, there were plenty of people in the area to attract.

The Popkum Crew transformed the place into a venue that came very close to having an amazing event. Were it not for the dust that they fought later in the day, they would have received an ‘A’ for this one.

Anyway, there was some great racing on the track, so here’s a closer look at it.

250 Class

#122 Kyle Maskall came out to race, even though it was a last-minute decision. He says he faded back in the first moto and then got caught up in the first turn crash in moto 2 and took a DNF. He’s scored with a 40th.

Dylan Delaplace hasn’t ridden a whole lot since his surgery, so he was just happy to be out there. He finished 36-26 for 31st.

I doubt you’ll find anyone having more fun that Colorado’s #210 Scotty ‘Scrub’ Miller. He put his 2-stroke in 30th place with 27-33 motos.

Local rider #146 Tyler Gibbs is a local Intermediate rider on the rise. This was his first try at a big national and he qualified 14th. His 21-22 motos gave him 22nd. He also won the Shift Holeshot Challenge over Kyle Beaton.

#35 Jonah Brittons looked great in the first moto, taking 12th, but then then a mechanical took him out of moto 2. He’s due for a solid day. He was scored 20th.

Chilliwack rider #545 Rhys Derksen one-upped Jonah and took 19th with 22-19 motos. He may have seen my camera pointed at this jump, but I can’t be sure.

#19 Hayden Halstead’s day went from bad to worse. After leaving turn 1 dead last in moto 1, he clawed his was up to 10th. A mechanical took him out in moto 2 for a DNF and 19th overall.

#157 Wyatt Waddell is happy to be on the track lately, after his shoulder problem early on. He looked solid on the Popkum track and took 15th (14-16) after being in a big group of riders trying to break the top 10.

I have to admit I know nothing about Chad Saultz other than that the results say he’s from Illinois. He was in the same battle as Waddell in moto 1 and finished 14th (15-15).

Man, #12 Dylan Wright really had it going at Popkum. On a track that favoured the jumper/scrubbers, Dylan was showing he had the pace to win. An over-aggressive move in the first dropped him a few spots and then a rock through his rad while chasing the leaders took him out of the second. 4-DNF put him 13th.

I think everyone is impressed with Okotoks, AB Intermediate rider, #245 Rylan Bly. His 17-11 motos put him up in 11th spot.

I’ve been impressed with another Alberta rider, #58 Teren Gerber. He’s flying out there and was in a great battle late with Jason Benny in moto 2. His 13-10 put him 10th.

It was #43 Jared Petruska’s birthday on Saturday so we decided to give him the spotlight and a 2-minute hold before moto 1. Yes, I’m kidding. Jared is close to the group ahead of him and needs a holeshot to see their pace. He finished 11-9 for 9th.

#23 Jason Benny had a good day, finishing 9-8 for 8th, but he’s looking forward to the softer tracks in the east to take a run at a top 5 or another podium.

I was really impressed with how hard #17 Casey Keast fought to move forward after having troubles early in both motos. He never stopped charging and was rewarded with an 8-7 7th. He should be proud of that effort.

#27 Tanner Ward pulled both holeshots and collected the dough. He didn’t look very intense in the first moto but turned it around and looked great in moto 2. He finished 7-6 for 6th.

Tanner’s rookie pro rival, #66 Marco Cannella, had another steady day with 6-5 motos for 5th. He’s so close to staying with the riders ahead of him. It’s coming…

#335 Joey Crown is doing great, considering he’s not at 100%…yet. I think we’ll all know when that day comes. He finished 4th with 5-4 motos and will keep improving as the summer progresses.

A few of us standing around during qualifying looked at each other and said, “Uh Oh…” when #18 Josh Osby came scrubbing his way past us. He was obviously gelling with the bike and track and set fastest qualifying time. There’s just a tiny piece still missing before he can take top spot on the box, but it’s also coming. 2-3 put him 3rd.

The Shawn Maffenbeier/Jess Pettis battle isn’t going away any time soon. On a track that was tough to pass on, Maff took his bruises in the first moto and got second. He got into the lead in moto 2 and held it to the flag for 2nd overall.

#15 Jess Pettis is proving to be a difficult 250 rider to beat this year.

He’s won 75% of the motos so far and went 1-2 for the overall last weekend.

250 podium: Jess Pettis (1-2), Shawn Maffenbeier (3-1), Josh Osby (2-3).

450 Class

Let’s start off by wishing #714 Ryan Gustine a speedy recovery. His nasty crash on the dust-filled first lap of moto 2 left him with what we’re hearing is a busted pelvis and femur. I was standing right beside him while he was down and he was really quiet for how much pain he must have been in! Kudos for that! We’re trying to get in touch with the Washington rider and will let everyone know how he is when we do.

#44 Jonathan Mayzak has been looking pretty good so far this summer. His Popkum experience didn’t go well as he got caught up with another rider and then crashed pretty hard on his head and decided not to line up for moto 2. Watch for him to regroup for PG this week.

#82 Kyle Springman decided to come out and have some fun in the 450 class. He’s got lots of laps on this track and looked comfortable. He finished 22-18 for 21st.

#21 Ryan Lalonde had an off day at Popkum. His first moto was solid with an 11th place run, but moto 2 didn’t go so well when he crashed on this blind jump with Kaven Benoit. He was up in the top 10 but I think he may have even fallen here twice. His DNF 2nd moto put him 20th.

#9 Cade Clason was up where he belonged in moto 1 with an 8th. Unfortunately, the gremlins got him in the second and he had to pull in for a rear wheel swap on lap 3. His 8-26 put him 17th.

#78 Bryant Humiston is from Wyoming and looks pretty solid in the 450 class. He finished 16h (15-19).

#63 Graham Scott is an enjoyable rider to watch ride — the dude is smooth. He finished 12th (12-10) and is right in the mix of riders behind the top few.

#72 Kyle Keast just keeps on going out there. If you look behind you and see the 372, don’t expect your moto is going to get easier. He finished 11th and broke the top 10 in moto 2 with a 9th (13-9).

It was a tough day for #10 Keylan Meston. The pack left without him in moto 1. He clawed his way up to 14th by the flag. In moto 2, he put in consistent laps and took 8th for 10th.

I like this #645 Cheyenne Harmon guy more every time I talk with him. After blowing his bike up in Calgary, he said he was on his way home to Texas with his tail between his legs. As he hit Washington State, he decided to finance a new 450 and turn around. How can’t you cheer for this guy?! #645, folks. Let him hear it this week in PG. He finished 9th (10-11).

#26 Kaven Benoit probably saw more of his teammate on Saturday than he would have liked. These two went at it the entire 1st moto. Kaven was solid with a 5th in moto 1 and then took a 12th in the 2nd after his incident with Lalonde on the blind side of the wall jump. He was 8th overall.

#7 Dillan Epstein was solid but didn’t set the world on fire at Popkum. His 9-7 gave him 7th.

#5 Tyler Medaglia said he had a crash during the week that had him at less than 100%. He was up in 3rd early in both motos but had some troubles in the first and took 7th, but held onto the spot for a solid 3rd in moto 2 for 6th.

I think #800 Mike Alessi has a lot more to say this season. He pulled the holeshot in moto 1 and led for a few laps. He was 6th early in moto 2 and stayed there for 5th.

#16 Cole Thompson finished 4-4 on Saturday. I thought maybe with all the jumps he would scrub his way forward, but he was 4th overall. He battled Benoit in the first and then Goerke the entire time in the 2nd. The two came together on the track and then off of it…sort of.






#145 Jake Nicholls came over from England for a one-off race in Canada. He was pitted under the GDR tent and was helped out by Ryan Lockhart and Atlas Brace. He had some trouble in the first and fought his way back up to 6th and then was the only rider to catch the odd glimpse of Facciotti out front in moto 2. 6-2 put him 3rd.

#1 Matt Goerke took the win ahead of Colton in moto 1. His battle with Thompson had him 5th in moto 2 for 2nd on the day.

What’s up with this guy?!

We all wondered if he could back up his Calgary results, and I think he answered that question, especially in the 2nd moto. He ended up nearly 40 seconds ahead of Nicholls and lapped up in to the top 10. Ouch.

450 podium: Colton Facciotti (2-1), Matt Goerke (1-5), Jake Nicholls (6-2).

Next round is this Saturday up in Prince George, BC.

Hey, Shawn, “See you at the races…”