Faces at the Races | Prince George National | Cycle North

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Faces at the Races | Prince George National | Cycle North

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Michael Earle and Bigwave

It’s time for our weekly look at the people around the race track from round 3 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour at Blackwater MX in Prince George, BC.

As always, no humans were hurt in the production of this column. Feathers are sometimes ruffled, but that’s about it.

Tyler Medaglia looks forward to Faces at the Races in case we caught a nice photo of him from the weekend. Sorry, Tyler. As Phil Collins would say, “I think I missed again.”

There’s one of the good guys, right there: Medic Steve. Someone needs to get him a version of the national anthems with the lyrics though. lol Thanks for the surf pic!

This is complete sarcasm, folks. No need to write in. Haha nobody writes in. Kyle Springman summed up the feeling at the rainy riders meeting with this #1 gesture.

Kaven Benoit was about to have a very good day. It looks like JSR already knew. He can see into the future, in case you didn’t know. Ask him this week’s lottery numbers.

#27 Tanner Ward has won 50% of the 250 holeshots, so far.

The rain has Marco Cannella worried about the frizzies.

Little kid, little dog, big steeze.

I don’t know who this is, but I don’t want to see him in a dark alley!

Oh, man. Daryl Murphy feels their pain, but there’s little he can do about it at this point.

Could someone make sure Paul Kingsley has a rain jacket close by for the rest of the summer?

You know it’s bad when the wheel has to come off!


Local, Kourtney Lloyd, acting as a shuttle in the rainy conditions.

Papa Tse wasn’t as busy as he expected to be this week.

Wheelies in the mud.

Now that’s what I call a relaxed Dominique Daffé! She even had time to nap during her moto.

Dan Beaton was pretty busy during the women’s motos.

He even squeezed in a moto!

I call this one “Waiting for Dan.”

The added sand made it passable, but it was still brutal.

Shawn wasn’t sure how he felt about the whole thing.

The sun (in) is always shining on Dylan Wright’s hair. An umbrella can’t stop that!

“Where’d he go? I’m not doing the race for you!”

You had to move fast to stay ahead of the mosquitoes… Run, Matt Koeleman, run!

Sun’s out, guns out!

The count of normal Summer Knowles photos is way too high already this year. Wait for it…

Dillan Epstein is from Southern California. When it rains, he snores. See what I did there?

Colton Facciotti is from the rainy BC Lower Mainland. He knows how to ride in this stuff but had an off day.

Young #146 Tyler Gibbs had the speed but not the starts this week.

Local boy, #716 Todd Minnie, made an appearance on the track this week.

#43 Jared Petruska is not having fun at work this week. We’ll let you know the status of that hand he figured he broke. Yes, he still raced both motos! Jared has been for x-rays and is told there is no break. He can’t make a fist or change a tire but says he’ll be on the line this week in Manitoba.

Kaven won, so he gets as many photos in here as we have.

Jonah was REALLY stuck in this banner.

It’ll take you a while to spot him, but there’s a guy in this photo too.

Back in my day, the strip was half this width. Races were also 40-minutes long and uphill the whole way…

The dude from Timber Kings outdid himself this year. The #1 bear is asking you to hold on while he finishes talking to someone.

Maybe there is such a thing as 110%, after all.

It’s been a tough spring for these guys and this feels great.

Daryl Murphy leading the morning safety meeting with the flagging crew.

“Ya, you think you could beat me in a stationary bike race? I don’t think so.”

Dylan Wright and some unknown backpacker at riders meeting. Yes, I know it’s Chris Pomeroy. He was just inducted into his high school’s Hall of Fame. Not bad for a crazy dirt biker!

Just put your glasses on, Andreas.

Um, down in front, FXR!

Did everyone see the clip of #19 Hayden Halstead leading the 2nd 250 moto across the finish line?

Graham Scott smiles as hard as he can in the rainy morning.

This guy’s an X Games gold medalist! He doesn’t need our silly mx nonsense anymore! See you in Manitoba, Brock.

Cole Thompson peeks out of the KTM rigs and doesn’t really like what he sees out there.

Artsy note taking by Matt Deroy. Shallow depth of field makes anything look fancy.

Dean Keast was ready for action.

That’s Michael Earle’s happy face.

At least the women were all smiles in the rain.

Artsy Atlas Brace.

Davey Fraser has been relatively quiet on the track so far this season.

At least one of them knew which camera was the important one!

Matt Koeleman was a hot mess in Prince George. He does what it takes to get the shots.

If you look up, you’ll see it says ‘Moto 1.’

JSR sees us seeing him.

That’s the look of relief from a moto mechanic on a mud day.

Joey Crown will just keep getting faster as the summer moves along. That should really cause concern for the rest of the riders.

This one of Kyle Ward could be one of my favourites of the weekend.

Did Cade Clason do something wrong that I don’t know about? That’s a lot of referee brass for one guy to be talking to.

No, wait, everything’s fine.

2035 champion?

Jamey Keast opened the rad cap and tipped the bike over on Sunday. Nothing came out.

If there’s a worse job in moto than changing tires, I don’t know what it is.

That, right there, is the most serious I’ve ever seen Kevin Tyler.

Try to cheer up, Steve.

The meeting of the managers and some riders.

Miss Daisy is hidden behind Mike in this shot.

The Tse sisters didn’t have the greatest day in PG. They can still smile, though.

I’m not sure what’s going on here but it looks sketchy.

Disco Stu, you’re in the wrong pit, sir.

Wyatt Waddell running the hand guards.

There’s just so much paper work, eh, Kyle Springman?!

There’s so much going on in this shot that I don’t have anything to say!

Jess Pettis was promised some blingy ti foot pegs if he won the earlier round. Boom.

This little girl could do a lot worse if she’s looking for a role model, that’s for sure.

I don’t remember seeing the sun on Saturday!

Summer and Kourtney hard at work.

Yes, bear, I’ll wait until you’re finished with Kourtney…

Some shallow depth of field stuff from Sunday…










Christian taking his turn on the GDR pit bike.

It was a tough weekend for signage.

Taking a break between Sunday motos.

We’re about to head into the dog days of summer. This dog was early.

I like Kerry’s hair style.

If this were video, you’d see that this was a random leg kick.

It wouldn’t be Faces without Ernie.

“I’m taking my scooter and going home!” See you at the races…