#4 Jeremy Medaglia Update: “The timing just wasn’t right.”

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#4 Jeremy Medaglia Update: “The timing just wasn’t right.”

By Billy Rainford

Jeremy rode for the Monster Energy Alpinestars Piller’s Kawasaki team for round 5 at Sand Del Lee this past weekend. | Bigwave photo

Unless you were living under a rock last week, you know that #4 Jeremy Medaglia lined up and raced on the Monster Energy Alpinestars Piller’s Kawasaki team in place of the injured #800 Mike Alessi (Mike is out with an injured shoulder suffered while practicing after round 4).

Going into the weekend, the deal was, technically, for the one round at Sand Del Lee with the option for both sides to decide what to do from there.

Jeremy came into round 5 with very little time to prepare to race at the top level on a completely new set up. He had been getting himself ready to race the east on his own set up with his own bike and his own mechanic.

We had the hottest, most humid week of the year leading up to last weekend and it made for some pretty heavy slogging for the rider and the team. However, Jeremy and the guys in green did what needed to be done and Jeremy got ready and headed to Ottawa.

Adding to the sweetness of this deal was the fact that Jeremy has basically grown up racing the Sand Del Lee circuit and he was going to be doing so again in front of a home crowd. This was a win/win situation.

Jeremy has just come off a couple tough years where he was battling health issues with, until recently, unknown causes. It turns out he is allergic to gluten. He’s got that squared away and is headed back toward peak fitness.

He lined up to race with only the pressure any racer places on themselves. Team Manager, Adam ‘Stu’ Robinson, said today that there was no pressure at all from the team’s end. They were very happy having Jeremy on the team, doing what he could for the partisan crowd.

Jeremy’s day ended up 7-9 for 9th place overall. Not bad, but, as it turns out, not good enough for Jeremy, himself.

“The riding was a disappointment but the second moto start picture will last a lifetime.” | Bigwave video screen grab

We spoke with him this afternoon to get his thoughts and this is what he had to say:

“I really did appreciate the opportunity, but, to be honest, the timing just wasn’t right. I have spent the last bunch of months getting ready on my own program, bikes, gear, the whole set up, that it was just too little time to adjust and be able to produce.

“I believe that both the team and myself deserve more than what I am able to offer on their bike now. By the time I had the right amount of testing etc., the east coast would be up.

“I looked at the big picture as that is the team I could see myself riding for in the future, but I have to live in the now and do what’s best.

“Once again, big thanks to Stu and Gerhart (Huber) for the opportunity and the whole crew for a very solid effort. The riding was a disappointment but the second moto start picture will last a lifetime.”

So, what’s next for the fan favourite? He left that one a little up in the air. He will see if this weekend for round 6 at Gopher Dunes is possible, but added that there is “obviously time for Moncton and so on.”

He ended with, “see you soon...” Thanks, Jeremy, and we all hope to see YOU soon.

We’ll have to wait until this weekend to see what’s around the corner for this fan favourite. | Bigwave photo