McThoughts | Women’s East MX Nationals | Gopher Dunes – Round 2

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McThoughts | Women’s East MX Nationals | Gopher Dunes – Round 2

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Bigwave

The women did well Saturday in the rough Gopher Dunes conditions. They had to deal with the extreme heat, rain in moto 2, gnarly track all day, and big, scary jump faces. All in all, they put in a solid show and had some entertaining battles throughout the pack. They had a fantastic turnout with 36 girls on the line and now take a week off before heading to Moncton and then Deschambault. Here are the top 10 and my thoughts from round #2 at Gopher Dunes:

1st Eve Brodeur 1-1: I am going to be sad when Eve hangs up the boots. The young multi-time  champion is fun to watch and has a great personality off the track. Once again, she rode pretty flawlessly and took home the overall. We will need to find a gig for her father Sylvain Brodeur, because we need him around to enjoy a beer with after the races. Eve leads the series with 117 points.

2nd Isabelle Thibault 2-4: Isabelle is one of our favourite riders at DMX. Her “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude on the track is fantastic to watch. She rides with a ton of aggression and should be higher in the points standings than her 12th place and 50 points due to her bike issues at Sand Del Lee.

3rd Taylor Miller 5-2: Taylor looked much more comfortable this round. You can tell the talent and speed is there, she just needs to blow the dust off of them. I think the Moncton track will suit her style and she should be closer to the leader. She currently sits 2nd in points with 98, 19 behind the leader.

4th Brittani Majcher 3-8: Great day for Brittani. She rides the sand real well and just missed out on an overall podium. She is now off to Lorretta’s, so, hopefully, we will see her maybe in Quebec.

5th Liz Burke 7-5: You would honestly think Liz was a local sand rider after her great rides from behind. Luck has not been on her side in the early part of the season, but Liz is not giving up. I would be shocked if she doesn’t hit the podium in Moncton. Liz now sits 4th in points with 84.

6th Julia Krzemien 6-6: Another consistent and solid weekend for Julia. I was expecting her to be fighting for a podium spot, but she is healthy and smiling, so it’s all good. Julia is now 5th in points with 81.

7th Megan Brodeur 13-3: Oh what could have been, had Megan stayed on 2 wheels. Her speed and starts are there this season and she looks to be strong for the entire motos. She hit the ground pretty hard in moto 1, but rebounded nicely in moto 2. I bet she wins a moto in Moncton. Megan is now 3rd in points with 95.

8th Eden Netelkos 10-7: Eden rides the soft stuff pretty well and has been super-consistent so far this season. Not sure if we will see her farther East, but she is sitting 6th in points after 2 rounds.

9th Mariah Gauthier 8-10: I keep waiting for the breakout ride for Mariah. She has the speed and rides the 2-stroke well. Maybe the Moncton dirt will be good to her. They have her listed as 8th in points, but she raced the West, so I’m not sure what the ruling is this week.

10th Sarah-Kim Villenuve 4-16: Sarah-Kim looked great in practice and had a few of us talking about her. She had a great first moto, but had obvious problems in moto 2. Heading into the break, Villeneuve sits 7th in points with 71.

Biggest Stud: 36 girls on the line! That is great considering that Gopher is not always a favourite to most. Great job, ladies.

Biggest Dud: Gnarly Ontario sand track and we only have 1 Ontario girl in the top 10. Where do the Ontario girls ride, because I don’t think it is in the sand.

Biggest Surprise: Sarah-Kim Villeneuve surprised me the most. She was absolutely flying early on.

MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: I am going to have to go with my friend Carrie Davis. Carrie and I are very similar — we like to look fast, but not necessarily like to go fast. Carrie always has the freshest bikes, gear and custom painted Cat helmets and is our clear-cut winner this week.

Thanks for reading.