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Honda cr1252018 Washougal motocross-4931

   Honda cr1252018 Washougal motocross-4931Believe it our not, this is a factory Honda CR125 from Great Britain. Up close this bike is super trick. 

Photos by Daryl Ecklund

The fifth round of the 2018 125cc All-Star Race is in Washougal, Washington this weekend. Friday was amateur day as well as the 125cc All-Star qualifier. There were 56 riders that signed up to qualify to race during the Washougal National’s intermission on Saturday. It is awesome to see how many smokers were in attendance. The top 18 in each class qualify to be in tomorrows 125cc All-Star race. We took a walk around the Washougal pits and found many other two-stokes that were being raced in the amateur races.


Nathan Barnes was the one riding the factory CR125. 

Ryan Villopoto YZ125 2018 Washougal motocross-4770Ryan Villopoto is in Washougal to race his YZ125. 

Ryan Villopoto 2018 Washougal motocross-5233Ryan in action on the smoker. 

Suzuki RM125.

Honda cr1252018 Washougal motocross-4931 Jason Jerk’s Honda CR125 that has been restyled to look like the new Honda’s. 

 Jason also has a restyled Honda CR250. 

 Old Honda CR500s were hiding in the pits. 

 Honda CR500 that was raced on amateur day. 

Make America Great Again. 
    KX250 smoker. 

 It is not a two-stroke race without Uncle Ronnie. 

Nothing sounds as good as a shorty. 
 Garhett Carter’s KTM 125SX. 

Garhett in action. 

Yamaha YZ125. 
 Braden O’Neal’s YZ125. 

Ronnie Wageman’s KTM 125SX. 

Robbie went on to win the 125cc All-Star division two qualifier. 
 Honda 2001 cr1252018 Washougal motocross-4931Factory pipe or stock pipe? Thomas Caldwell striped the paint off the stock 2001 CR125 pipe to get this look. 

Thomas ripping. 

Honda 2001 cr1252018 Washougal motocross-49312001 Honda CR125 powerplant. 
   Ain’t she pretty. 

Chris Johnson’s KTM 125SX that got all rusted up after practice. 

Chris placed second behind Mike Brown in the first 125cc All-Star race. 

Cody Buyas turned his Husky TC125 pink. 
 Mike Brown pulled a big lead and won his 125cc All-Star qualifier. 
 Brandon Hoff. 

Ryliie Dickinson’s YZ125. 

Brad Nauditt placed second behind Robbie Wageman. 

Tyler Towles Kawasaki KX125. 
  Harris Huizenga’s 2019 Husky TC125. 
     Tyler Ducray’s KTM 125SX going up Horsepower Hill. 
    A trick CR125 getting roosted. 

Mason Holt jumping the triple on his CR125. 
  Tanner Paulsen pulling a tear off. 


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