On the Radar | Jeremy Dakin | Scott Sports Canada

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On the Radar | Jeremy Dakin | Scott Sports Canada

By Jeff McConkey

Presented by Scott Sports Canada.

Name:  Jeremy Dakin

Age: 11

Hometown: Stratford, Ontario

School and Grade or Occupation: Grade 7 at Central Perth Elementary School

Number: 422 but going with a new number 472

Bike: 2005 YZ85 but my first but was a 2004 Rm65

Race Club or Series: Thames Valley Riders and this year joined Steel City Riders


2015 – 65 beginner fall series

2016 – 65 beginner spring summer and fall series

2017-18- small wheel beginner

This week, Jeremy Dakin is ‘On the Radar!’ | c.jbrownie photo

How did you get started in racing and riding?

I always wanted to ride a dirt bike since I was 3, but my mom always said no.  But in 2015, my mom took me to a Honda Red Rider program, where I got to learn how to ride a dirt bike. I told my mom that I didn’t want to play hockey anymore, I wanted a dirt bike.

So, my mom bought me a 2005 RM 65. Two weeks after my first ride, I started racing at TVR.  Swiona MX track was my first race. I loved it and so did my mom. In 2017, I started riding and racing my new bike, a 2005 YZ85.

Next year, I’ll have to get another bigger bike. I want a YZ250f, but I don’t think my mom will get me one.

What is your favourite track and why?

I have 3 favourite tracks. Gore Rd. MX track, because I like the jumps and track there. I also like Swiona MX track because it was my first race there, and the big track is good there too.  Motopark, because it has big jumps but it’s too far to go all the time.  I really like Gopher Dunes too. The trails are awesome there, and the sand is kind of cool to ride on, sometimes.

Who is your favourite rider and why?

I don’t really have a favourite rider, but if I had have to chose probably Mike Alessi, because he’s a great person on and off the track.  He takes the time to come out to local events and chat with his fans. Even with his recent injuries he stays positive and looks forward to coming back to racing.

What Canadian Pro do you look up to and why?

Dylan Wright, because he struggles through the races, but he also stays positive and never gives up. Plus, I got to ride with him at Gore Rd. MX track last spring, and had a great time goofing around with him.

Who is your hero?

I’d have to say my mom is my hero!  My mom works midnight shift, and always gets no sleep to get me to the track and to my races. She’s always very supportive of me no matter what place I finish in a race. Plus, she takes my pictures and she made me a video last year, which was pretty cool. She even tried riding with me at Gopher Dunes in the trails, that was a lot of fun, if only she [would] stop going over the handlebars.

Jeremy had the opportunity to ride with #12 Dylan Wright this past spring at Gore Rd. MX. | c.jbrownie photo

What are your goals for this season, and what is it going to take to reach them?

Originally, my goals were to try to race MotoCup series, Nationals and TransCan, but sadly my bike blew up in the spring. It took some time for my parents to fix it.

So, I just want to work hard to getting faster at riding. Hoping to go into the Fall Series at TVR and get a top 10 in the Small-Wheel Beginner Class. Also, going to Quicksand Enduro again at Gopher Dunes, hoping to do good at that again this year too.

At Gore Rd. MX track, there is double jump there, I want to clear that too. I keep trying but I get half way. Someday, I want to clear that jump.

I know I am not the fastest kid at the track, and honestly I don’t mind. I love my dirt bike, love to see how much air I can get over the jumps. Just having FUN is the most important plan for me. Maybe in the future I’ll get a trophy again, but I’m OK if I don’t.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

3rd place trophy (65 beginner class) in my first year riding at TVR,

3rd place at the Gopher Dunes Quicksand Enduro race and getting sponsored by FXR racing!

I also did a wheelie, too, finally last year! That was the coolest thing ever!

 What is your favourite part about going to the races?

My favourite is the camping and hanging out with all my friends. Love racing with my friends and talking about it afterwards.

“I also did a wheelie, too, finally last year! That was the coolest thing ever!” | c.jbrownie photo

What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?

I enjoy riding my bicycle, video games, and hanging out with my brother, Hayden.

Who would you like to thank?

I’d like to thank Steve at Gore Rd. MX track, for always providing a great track to ride on, and the support and advice he gives me! Thanks to FXR racing for sponsoring me! Thanks to my mom for taking me to the practice track and races. Big thanks to my dad, even though he cant come to races, he tries to fix my bike when I break it (which is a lot lately). Special thanks to Crystal and JB Russell. They are very supportive of me and JB helps me with my bike at the races. Thanks to all my friends at the track. No matter what place I get, everyone is so supportive and always there to help too!