Nitro Circus “You Got This” Tour Coming to North America

Date Added: 14/09/2018 19:51 by MXP Mag

Nitro Circus’ biggest moments, and some of its most notorious crashes, have come from the mind of Travis Pastrana. The global icon often encourages his fellow riders to go big or go home… In some cases, despite their better judgment! Now, with the You Got This tour, Travis and company ramp up the action for the greatest, stupidest, funniest show in Nitro’s history.

“Nitro Circus is turning me loose,” Travis explains. “I’m putting all of my best – and worst – ideas into one show. It’s going to be unreal! Look out though. There may be a few rough landings.

You Got This will feature Travis along with Nitro’s best athletes in FMX, BMX, Scooter and Inline, including X Games medalists and Nitro World Games champions. Its new production will debut huge ramps and crazy contraptions. Expect ridiculous stunts and sketchy challenges. Who will take them up? With this crew you never know what will happen. But without a doubt You Got This will have more thrills and fun than ever before.