Jeffrey Herlings

Warming up again after a small 4 month break, did a few days of practice and did 2 races now, it will just require some time to get to my old self again but I believe it’s normal. 3rd last week at the @dutchmastersofmx and 2nd today at the @adac_motorsport. Thanks for the support and we’ll try to work our way back up again to where we was before the injury. 👍✊ @ktmfactoryracing @redbull @oakleymotorsports @jumbo @giampishow @knmv_motorbond @hennekenskay @milwaukeetool @iamspecialized #Josmaas 📸 @mxgrietjemxpics

Date Added: 02/06/2019 16:57 by Jeffrey Herlings