SCRUB MX - How it works ?

SCRUB MX is a brand new and innovative Media that offers you the best contents from Motocross selected by the community of fellow riders. SCRUB MX is the first media made for and by the international Gravity MTB community.

Everyday, discover, comment, save, share, and broadcast the best content from Motocross!

Why we made it ?

Motocross information is scattered all over the web. This is a mess ! so we had the idea to create a Super Media* (or 3.0 Media) that brings together the best content from the top websites and mobile apps (Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo, Emagazines ...) and give them to the international community of motocross fans. It means fans create contents, and rank them !

What is our aim?

Our aim is to give the best content of motocross from the entire web in one place for the international community.

Everyday the community creates the "Top 5" best content by giving points throughout interactions, likes, comments, saves, and shares.

HOW IT WORKS ? That’s easy !

Whether it is content from the web or from a member of the community, interactions with the content (photos, videos, articles) assigns points that directly influence the official ranking. The more interactions (like, comments, saves, and shares) from the community the more points are given allowing the content to move to the top.
So like ! comment ! Save ! Share ! to give points and make the ranking by yourself !

Awarding points:

View = 2 points

One like = 5 points

Comment = 7 points

Save = 8 points

Share = 10 points

Weekly points : A content lifetime collecting points is 5 days. Then points are resetted.

Max points : it’s the max points reach by the content in a weekly lifetime (5 days)

Icons colors :

 Red icons : This is a video

 Yellow icons : This is an article

 Blue icons : This is a photo

Any question?

We will answer you at click-here

The SCRUB MX Crew ! Riders like you !